Wine makes women brainier!

London, August 2

A new study conducted by researchers of University College, London suggests that drinking half a bottle of wine a day can make your brain work better, especially if you are a woman, reports The Telegraph.

The findings are drawn from a study of the long-term health of 10,000 British civil servants. Researchers tested more than 6000 civil servants on verbal and mathematical reasoning and short-term memory and matched their performance against their drinking habits.

Those having one glass of wine a week scored significantly higher than teetotallers. The benefits were most marked among women and showed no decrease with increasing consumption.

Those who had half a bottle of wine or two pints of beer a day scored best, even after the results had been adjusted for factors such as physical and mental health.

"Our results appear to suggest some specificity in the association between alcohol consumption and cognitive ability. Frequent drinking may be more beneficial than drinking only on special occasions," the researchers said.

The team suggests that the results may reflect the fact that alcohol can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and increase blood flow to the brain.

They however, said that the benefits of alcohol can be outweighed by the increased risks of cancer and cirrhosis, and that the findings should not be used to excuse heavier drinking.

Addiction specialist Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones from St Vincent's Hospital said that while half a bottle of wine a day might make someone cleverer, it would also shorten their life.

"What they're stating appears to be that drinking alcohol improves patients' ability to do psychometric tests. However that doesn't mean that it's good for you because we know that where people consume more than two standard drinks a day, there is a loss of any health benefit from drinking," he added.


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